A Musical Feast:jazz, world, ambient

A Musical Feast - Jazz/World Beat

These are the twelve original tracks of "A Musical Feast" by Pangaea World Orchestra released in 1996.

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1. "Burundi" - Based on a 6/8 African MIDI drum pattern, this song was heard on many stations and programs in America and abroad including "New Horizons" on KHIH in Denver.

2. "Mary A." - A breezy, jazz combo piece written for my new bride, Mary Antonnette Queri.

3. "Baja Blue" - A smooth jazz number that was a favorite of DJ Jim Miller who hosted the show "Nightlife" on WCSY in St. Joseph, MI. I was delighted to see PWO on the playlist with some of my favorite musicians such as Grover Washington, Jr and Bob James.

4. "Raindancer" - one of my personal favorites! To me, it evokes South American jungles and strange exotic creatures and locales.

5. "Juicy" - a rolicking, sassy piece that was great fun to record. I had a lot of fun with the rude sax sound in this piece but when compared to the recent samples heard in the first two pieces on this page, this 20+ year instrument really shows its age.

6. "Amazon Babies" - a personal favorite of Chito Gebhart, host of "The Morning Breeze" on KSBR in Mission Viejo, CA. Titus Levi of Keyboard Magazine said, "... he turns a dizzying array of swirling rhythms and melodies into a charming musical spell. On... 'Amazon Babies', he slides back toward more of a jazz bag, stretching out for a brief piano solo in the midst of the shuttering, shimmering landscape of struck, shaken, and rattled percussion samples".

7. "Sunrise" - evoking images of samurais and ancient forests.

8. "Kimmie's Dream" - written for my niece, Kimerli Cora (Trujillo) Affuso who was my best friend when she was three and I was about thirty years older. She is still very dear to me and like the daughter I never had. I treasure her and her beautiful family though they live far from me.

9. "St. Jonn's Way" - written for my brother, Ray St Jonn. Ray has been a faithful friend and fan for nearly all of my life and I am very grateful for his support, most especially in recent years.

10. "On the High Road" - is an hypnotic journey through the Andes Reviewer Jeff Reichman of Carving Our Own Way said, "'On the High Road' is wonderfully composed modern jazz. It is evident that he has spent many hours going over each measure to perfect it, and it was well worth it."

11. "The Cabana" - Paul Roark, mobile DJ in Dallas added this cut along with Mary A. and Baja Blue to his rotation.

12. "Junglemania" - another wild, wooly piece always ready to run off the rails but somehow managing not to do so.

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