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Dreams and Memories, Solo Piano

Solo Jazz Piano Improvisations - January, 2020

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1. "Flame" - This is a recorded improvisation which means that I have no set plan when I push the "Record" button. I simply try to create a mood (usually quiet and peaceful) and simultaneously create what sounds like a previously written piece of music. This is one of my favorite recordings.

2. "Falls" - I have had a modest home music studio for many years and for the first four recordings on this album, I used an app called CMP on my iPad Pro to create the beautiful piano sound you hear.

3. "Rise" - All six of these pieces were recorded over a very short period of time and contribute to the flow of the music.

4. "Smoke" - This was one of the final pieces I recorded. Once this burst of creativity ended, I had no desire to go back to the piano again. I have been spending most of the last few years working on developing improvisational techniques on the ukulele and guitar.

5. "Solitary" - This was the first piece in my recent burst of creativity on the piano and it was insprired by the novel, "Solitary" which is my brother, Ray StJonn's first serious work. It is a beautiful, wide-ranging opus and I look forward to its imminent publication.

6. Solitude" - Another piece inspired by my brother's novel, I created several improves on piano, ukulele and even with a string orchestra (!) based on the idea of solitude.

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