Duane Frybarger:Classical Orchestral Works

A Road Less Traveled:Classical Instrumental

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"A Road Less Traveled" represented a new pathway on my artistic journey. This album is straightforward and elegant in its simplicity. Most pieces start with just a piano, and then one by one, a clarinet or maybe a flute, will come in to join the piano. As each piece evolves, the melody is passed back and forth between instruments and develops into a work that seems somehow inevitable. A quiet string section is the usual backdrop to these musical paintings.

1. "Passages" - I was fortunate to have this piece on the playlist of Al Santos' Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch on WJZW in Washington, DC for over 18 months! Al was very supportive of my work and he, along with many other fine radio djs and program directors, were a blessing and a help to me in getting my music out to the world.

2. "In My Dreams" - A moody piece which evokes faded images and drifting memories. This and several other pieces on this album are a bit reminiscent of the music of Erik Satie.

3. "Inside the Moment" - This piece was the first written on this album, inspired by the Gold Medal performance of ice skater Tara Lipinski in the 1998 Winter Olympics. Staying inside the moment is how she unexpectedly won Gold and staying inside the moment is the way I remain strong and true to my dreams.

4. "In the Night" - This piece is a bit more contemporary in feel and mood but still very quiet and meditative. It appeared in the number one spot on MP3.com's Film Music category in 2001.

5. "A Road Less Traveled" - This is the single piano solo on this album. Written in the mid 1990s, this work touches on aspects of Windham Hill recording artists such as George Winston.

6. Shadows" - This work has a more contemporary feel to it, even a sense of mystery or urgency. This album was the number one album on KKUP's Mystic Music progam in Cupertino, CA in 2002.

7. "After the Storm" - Another piece with strong Satie-like undertones, peaceful, calm, quiet.

8. "Morning Mist" - Again, there are strong elements from the music of Satie, deBussey and Ravel in this piece.

9. "Sundown" - This piece has a very contemporary feel to it.

10. "Fields of Green" - A really nice ending to this album is this piece which like most others opens with just solo piano and then slowly evolves to bring in more voices.

Pine stem under crossed polars

Pine stem at 200x under crossed polarized light